Saturday, 19 January 2008

Research from previous Post

Hi, these are pictures I would have put up in the previous post, but for some strange reason, Google blogger that day wouldn't upload images.

Most of these images are from Disney's Tarzan, a perfect example of gorilla animation. I can get a lot of understanding about how to draw an animate gorillas from this film. Also the film gives a good inspiration for Pocahontas, because I want her to move like a gorilla, and this is a problem the animator's solved for this film, and quite successfully I might add.

Look at the power of the gorilla in this drawing. This is what I need to capture for Cornelius.

Ah, Pocahontas' other inspiration. Lilo's design is so cute and appealing, I can't help but be inspired by it. In the film Lilo and Stitch, they used the round designs of the world, to create a view of the world, as if it was seen by a child. This might be a nice angle to take, to accent London Zoo's sense of childlike wonderment and discovery.

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angie said...

Love these posts. They are some of my fave films..Why is the lilo link un-clickable?