Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Research for Cornelius


I am just going to put up a bit of research that I have collected to help me design Cornelius. He just wasn't clicking for me, and has had a wide variety of different designs based on him. After a couple of dead ends, I decided to rethink his design. His character description called for him to be civilised and sensible. Now who's sensible, Gromit. And he's Claymation, bonus. So I decided to examine him, and incorporate some of him in the design.I also thought of Raymond Briggs' Father Christmas, the sensible, grumpy old man that says blooming all the time. If I was a middle aged gorilla, having tourists look at me all day, I would be a bit grumpy too. So I decided to examine him as well.I thought it might be neat too, if he had a logo of London on him, so I thought it might be interesting if he had a mark on his back in the shape of the City of London Logo.
I will post the designs up soon, so I can get modelling.

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