Saturday, 19 January 2008

Early Pocahontas

Here are some of my first Pocahontas drawings. I was trying to get that feel of girl who moves like a gorilla. Right now however, it looks like she has been living in the jungle for all her life. The general posturing of her is here though, both when she walks upright and quadrupedal, as is the small nose to eye placements.

This is a re-design I did on a piece of lined paper whilst at college. I made here head bigger to make her cuter and gave her a much smaller mouth. I pushed her fringe back for a few reasons.

1. It is more similar to how hair is done in stop-motion animation.
2. It opens up a face more and
3. Fringes are annoying to animate.

My particular inspiration for her hair is Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas.

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