Thursday, 24 January 2008

Cornelius Model Sheets

Here are the Model Sheets for Cornelius. Personally, I am happy but not thrilled with the design, but this will have to do to keep on schedule. I think it gives off the air of a stuffy, sensible, middle-aged man so it is a success. He stands about nine heads tall (about 7 Maya units). For these, they were too big to fit on an A4 scanner so I had to scan them in bits, compose them in Paint and shrink them down. It came off quite well.

This top view was really quite difficult. It had to be scanned in and shrunk down.
I am planning, as I have previously stated, going to do a simple model and rig to start animating, and hopefully a more complicated one later on. Below is a size comparison between the two characters. this should give a idea of what it should look like later on.

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