Saturday, 19 January 2008

Pocahontas Clothed

Here are some costume designs. I got my mum to help me with these, she is a clothes designer after all. I like the one on the top-left with the jeans and the frilly sleeveless top. She doesn't look too good in a skirt or shorts as it shows of her really thick ankles. A jumper looks too big on her, and I don't think she could show too much of her belly on a little girl, so the top-left one it is.
Here is the final design. Many of the poses here are taken from the Gorilla and Tarzan research I posted previously. I am really happy with these drawings, especially the ones on the page directly below. The design has really come together quickly, and it exudes this happy, relaxed little girl who wants to be a gorilla. I am pleased.

Now to just concentrate on Cornelius, I only have a week left for this in my production schedule and I haven't even thought about colour yet.

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