Saturday, 19 January 2008

New Research

I have spent many hours on Youtube finding new research. These are taken from a gorilla video I found at

The pictures of baby gorillas give a good indication of the proportions of Pocahontas' design but mostly this video was examined very closely to see how gorilla's moved. Key pictures were taken in the poses. Gorillas tend to walk flat-footed on their back legs, and their shoulders rotate forwards depending on which arm is outstretched. They usually only have one-foot of the ground at a time.

These are pictures from Tarzan pencil sketches, as seen on the Tarzan DVD. Here the animators were task with taking a gorilla action and transposing that into Tarzan. This is very similar to what I have to do with Pocahontas.

Not only is the Nightmare before Christmas a Stop-motion classic, but Sally's facial construction is not too dissimilar to the designs I am coming up with for Pocahontas. Sally is also very quiet and knowing in the film, similar to Pocahontas' character description. Examining her design and how she is constructed may help me with modelling Pocahontas later on.

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