Monday, 4 February 2008

Pocahontas Modelling Finished and Cornelius Started

Hello, it's been a few days but I have been quite busy. A lot of work has had to be done to be kept on track of my production schedule.

The Pocahontas model had to be tweaked to make it appear more round and less blocky when it was smoothed. I pulled some vertices around, re-modelled the hair a bit and voila. All that was left were some teeth, a tongue and an inner to her mouth. I think she looks pretty good, considering that modelling isn't the area I am specialising in. For her, what is need next is for the blend shapes to be modelled, and for her to be rigged and weighted.

Corneilus has a very similar process of modelling to that of Pocahontas, except more dificult as he is larger, naked so all his fat and muscles show, and his heads a weird shape. Soon, I will give him some eyes, eyelids, tongue, teeth and an inner to his mouth. His vertices need to be pulled around a bit before he can be mirrored and smoothed, so he doesn't look as blocky. His colour was based o pictures of chimps and gorillas I got from a book called "James and other Apes" given to me by Jared. More on that in the next post.
I hope to have Cornelius finished by the end of the week, so the difficult process of rigging and blend shapes can take place.

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