Friday, 8 February 2008

Modelling Finished

Well, the modelling is finally finished. It took all day yesterday to finish of Cornelius and I think he looks pretty o.k. He still looks a little bit blocky, but it was very difficult to pull the vertices around to round him off. I've left it be because I am rapidly running out of time, there are only four weeks left and I have still got a lot to do. Anyway I am not specialising in modelling so it doesn't really matter so much.

I still got to rig the characters, set up blend shapes and start animating. The animation is the most important as that is the key area I really want to specialise in. I know it is going to take time to really study the animation and animate well and I am worried that I am not going to be able to animate all that I wanted.

I originally wanted to do a walkcycle for each character and a little interaction scene. I really want to make each of these really good so I know that it will take a lot of researching of gorilla movements. I may have to drop doing the personality scene, but that is really important to show. I really hope that I don't have to drop it.

I am just going to have to skip the entire texturing stage, I am not specialising in it anyway, and it will just eat up time and increase the file sizes. I am quite happy with the colours that I originally chose for each of them. I like Posahontas' jet black, gorilla like hair and peach face. She lokks a bit, colour-wise, like a baby chimpanzee. I tried to keep her clothes lightly toned too. Claymation never has harsh, vivid colour.

The problem with Cornelius is that Gorillas are usually black all over, and thats a bit boring. Looking at the book Jared let me have, and I glad I could bring some brown into his design. He looks a bit like chocolate now Still, I should probably do some colour variation sheets, but do I have the time.

Least their size comparison is what I wanted.

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