Monday, 4 February 2008

James and Other Apes

James and Other Apes, by James Mollison, is a fascinating book where he has photographed the faces of fifty great apes (chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans and bonobos). First I must say, thankyou to Jared for lending me this book.

When you look through this book, you get a real sense of the characters of each of these apes. I have picked out a few of my favourites.

This is Tam Tam, a 4 year old female chimpanzee. What I liked about her is her very expressive brow and eyes, something I tried to get in Cornelius.

This is Katie, 2 years, female, chimp. She is just so funny to look at and she also has a partially bald head.

Gregoire, 60, male, chimp. This chimp is right in the age range for Cornelius. I think he is blind in one eye. I like his beard.

La Vieille, 29, female, chimp. She looks so worried with her long elongated face and brow. Kind of reminds me of the face I designed for Cornelius. I like her coluring too, this lighty brown, I thought I could use that in Cornelius.

Kola, 14, male, gorilla. Look at his head it is so broad. He must be huge. He has a nice orangey tuff too.

Haidar, 2, male, orangutan. Isn't he cute, his small mouth and big eyes remind me a bit of Pocahontas.

Kiwiti, 5, male, bonobo. I have posted this one up because it clearly shows teeth. Important for modelling.

I am very grateful to Jared for lending me this book and I wish to use some of the images as a guide to the blend shapes I create later on.

Just thought I would put these up here, these are some gorilla walk cycles I found on Youtube.
The first one gives the gorilla a lot of power and a really ergent, determined look to him. He looks a bit ticked off. The second one gives the air that the gorilla is a bit dopey. I will have to examine these.

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