Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Reflection and Points to Perfect

Hello, I just wanted to use this post to look back on what I learned from this project so far and what I have to perfect for Friday.

I learned that for character design a couple of important things. Mostly, it is to design for purpose. To be honest the first designs, they would be difficult to move in around even in 2D. They were just too fat, too extreme in places. I know now to keep to three points in my mind for design,

a) Design for Character Physical Description, i.e. if some physical attribute is stated in the brief, e.g. the little girl wanting to be a gorilla, so has gorilla Esq proportions.
b) Design for the personality of the character, e.g. Cornelius bald heard and beard give of a kind a sensible air.
c) Design for physical movement, could it actually move (very important).

These are all important points to keep in mind when designing characters in the future.

I also learned how to model in a more effective way. Starting from a sphere is a much more effective a process because the roundness is already defined. Then creating the arms and legs out of polycyclinders and joining them up is much easier.

It creates a much simpler model.

A few points to fix for Friday is to

1) Fix Pocahontas' bobbing head and animate her hair. This could be fix by placing both characters in the scene and having them interact with each other, looking at each other.

2) Fix Cornelius' Spine movement and arms, make them more smooth. Not so extreme and arching.

Hopefully these are a few points that could help make the walk cycles even better. We shall see by Friday.

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